Construction Set-out

Multi-storey building setout and infrastructure setout accurately from the design plan relative to the site control or property boundaries.


Detail Surveys

Location of existing structures, services, natural features and infrastructure for proposal plans and planning.


Quality Conformance

Detailed differences provided in an easy to understand spreadsheet or PDF plot to show your client the quality of the works relative to design.


Residential building setout

Building setouts provide an accurate, easy and cost effective way to start construction on your new home.


Machine Guidance Setup

All files required for all machine guidance equipment, data can be cleaned, orientated and ready to use.


Surveying of Civil works

Road setout with offsets. Pavement grade checking. Batters and drains surveyed with high accuracy.


As-constructed Reports

Detailed drawings of structures including horizontal and vertical position. Grades calculated and shown in DWG and PDF format.


Topographical Surveys

Engineers, draftsman and architects often require a topographic survey to provide the best design for a site. These can be provided relative to the Australian Height Datum and Map Grid of Australia.


Volumetric Surveys

Calculated volumes by computing the difference between two or more surface models.


Control Surveys

Australian Height Datum and Map Grip Australia relative marks placed throughout your job site for use with level transfer and survey setout.